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Thursday, October 27, 2011

St. Michael's feast, parish, Credit bank and schools

St Michael is the patron of the Bozoum parish, founded in 1927 by French missionaries.
Every year we celebrate this feast on the last Sunday of September.
It is the time to begin again all the pastoral activities (and those not so...).

The feast is preceded by times of prayer and reflection, which this year focussed on the WORD OF GOD.

On the morning of Saturday 24th, we inaugurated the first branch of the savings and credit bank of Bozoum.
We began this bank three years ago, to give the possibility of putting savings away securely, and also to give financial incentive to the economy through small loans.
At present, there are 735 members, whose savings amount to around 45 thousand Euro. In one and a half years, small loans were given, amounting to around 40 thousand Euro, and late repayments are less than 4%.
 Saturday afternoon provided the opportunity for a small procession, and time for confessions.

On Sunday morning we celebrated the Eucharist, deeply fervent, vibrant and ... full of dance!

Immediately after Mass, we went down to inaugurate and bless the new Junior high school of St Augustine – Lino with its 11 classrooms, an office, beautiful verandahs and covered spaces: for a school it is exceptionally beautiful and this year will receive around 180 boys and girls, coming from Bozoum and other schools, in a radius of 160 km.
In the afternoon, there were games and competitions for the children and youth.

Monday morning, however, was the first day of school at St Augustine’s: solemn flag-raising ceremony, singing of the national anthem, notices from the school Director. . . then all to their class rooms.

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