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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bozoum Farm Trade Fair. 8th Edition.

 Went on until today, Sunday. Yesterday we had a grand celebration (almost like the Olympics!)with big parade of the co-ops representatives (what a great look of joy and worthiness on their faces!) followed by several speeches and opening of the Fair. Here were 38 official stalls and some less official. Such a crowds of people! In the afternoon we visited the gardens in the village: they are really little masterpieces of clean, proper, beautiful work. These people made an heaven out of such a small river: the land of the gardens! Today, after Mass, the fair kept on going with the opening of the Agricultural Stock Market Exchange, where the farmers that had big quantities of produce (such as corn, rice, sesame, peanut, millet etc.) could introduce samples to be sold afterwards. Finally at 4pm we had the closing ceremony, with prizes for best display, best rice producer (the winner this year is 11.5 tons per hectare!!!) 125 coops participated to this event; sale turnover was over 40 millions CFA (more than 60.000 euros), way better than last year! And the Fair of the Farmer Pride reached its goal!


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