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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bouar's Far Trade Fair 2012

After the Bozoum Farm Trade Fair couldn't come without a following one in Bouar!

Father Benjamino, Italian from Valtellina and Jacob Sanze, Centralafrican from Bouar are taking care of the co-ops and are responsible for trainings and follow ups for more that 110 GROUPEMENTS (small co-ops) in the area.
Additionally there’s an international ONG called Mercycorps that works alongside the co-ops and together we organized the Bouar Farm Trade Fair. Finally, after some years we begin to see some results.
Saturday and Sunday 18th and 19th, we hold the event. This year more than 115 groupements attended the fair, even if we had some rain showers on Friday and Saturday night, it was still crowded.
And moreover sales! Last year’s sale turnover was around 25000 euros, this year we were stunned by results: more than 60000 euros!
In this country, where year income is less than 200 euro…it’s not bad at all!

Also what matters more than the economical aspect is the overall satisfaction of the people, happy and proud of their work in the fields!
The same pride that Jesus conveys when he talks of the Sower or of the It is like a grain of mustard …

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In these days we have been through something really distressing: a young woman from our school passed away on Friday the 10th of February!
Lilas was 18 years old. She was one of the first to enroll in our Secondary school back in 2007.
You can see her in the picture above, wearing a white top with red flowers. On that day, last June, she celebrated her graduation to BC (something like our Middle school diploma, it’s a difficult exam between Secondary School and last 3 years of College).

Lilas was born in the small village of Beboura (Paoua), she was an orphan and she had moved into Bossemptele in order to study.
As she was getting good grades, she also got in our  Secondary school, the school we recently  built, which we have extensively spoken about. Lilas became a good student of First year. She was as beautiful as her age dancing as light as a butterfly….

Her life stopped, after a malpracticed attempt for abortion, during which 2 apprentice doctors caused her several ruptures in the uterus and intestine. The surgeon tried to intervene with another 5 hours surgery, however she went into irreversible coma and  the 10th of February her heart stopped….

Friday morning, at 5 am on my way to church, I heard screaming and crying. I asked around what was going on and they told me Lilas was dead! I cried!

Of course we organized her funeral and all the other stuff. The church was filled to the brim! All the students from our school, other youths and adults came over to pay their respect

I wonder how is it possible to have a funeral of a young woman of 18 ? We want to be in church to celebrate, not for mourning….
Let us pray for this seed, which suffered so much for its mistake, furthermore for the stupidity of the people who took advantage of it and for those who caused this terrible damage in the abortion surgery…let’s pray to bear fruit of coherence and careful consideration on Life, Love and Body

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The agricultural fair Bozoum, again!

 Few more images of the Fair of Bozoum 2012.
Above the stand of an association of women who presented various products made with rice flour,
Below the stand of the Savings Bank Bozoum.

 Part of sector of farmers: pigs ...
Here stand the center of the Orphans and Women Promotion Centre of the Mission.

This is the stand of a cooperative of rice on the ticket is written, that the change through the practice of Intensive Rice cultivation in Madagascar (a new technique that allows to produce over 11 tons of rice per hectare).
And finally VEGETABLE GARDEN: not beautiful?

And finally VEGETABLE GARDEN: not beautiful?