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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Credit Unions grow

It has been few weeks without words… but we’re still here and we still keep on going in this end of the world!!!!

While we keep on the Length path, we get close to the chtistenings time! About hundred people, kids, girls and boys, youths and adults will receive this sacrament on Easter Eve.
It’s a path that reminds us of beauty and freshness of our Faith! 
Just about these days, Father Norberto and Father Marcello are in a village 50km far from Bozoum for a 3 days encounter about marriage sacrament, but we’ll talk more about these soon!

The work on credit unions keeps going on. Two branches (one in Koui and the one on Ndim) are ready, now a third one is in construction.
The one in Ndim…looks like a house from fairytales! We substituted plate roof with proper tiles made from some of the locals

In these days we’re also training new staff: a dozen youths are attending a course to give them knowledge about managing and increasing activities on 3 new hatches that we’re planning to open right after Easter.

Does it make any sense that a priest, a missionary, is taking care of Credit Unions? Why should he be also involved in such area?

Well, first of all, at least in Italy, from Monte dei Paschi di Siena to Casse di Risparmio from1800, many similar institutions were created from local parishes
Specifically created to give simple people (such as farmers, small artisan and workers) a chance to keep safe their small saving and to get some credit.
And they did this along few centuries, as they understood the importance of working, and the result of working as a benefit for people’s life.
Work, family, better life style are born from dignity of God’s children.
This is what we are trying to build, day after day, in everything we do. All of us!

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