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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Colors, light, joy: this is the feast of Easter in Bozoum.
Saturday night, during the liturge of the night, we prayed and sang the Risen Christ. And a hundred children, youth and adults have received the Baptism.
This morning, Sunday of the Resurrection, a High Mass celebrated by Father Cyriac. And some fifteen new little children baptized.
A sea of Grace!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Beauty of the world

Yesterday, Saturday and today Palm Sunday we had our youth pilgrimage (and some not so young anymore…)
We left yesterday morning around 8 am and we arrived  to betera around 11 under such a heat
It’s a nearby village around 20 km far from Bozoum.
Nearby there are the remains of Marsaka:the place in which the French missionary chose in 1927 (few years later they moved into Bozoum)
There were around 250 youths from Bozoum, pace was quite fast the walk went through Boyele first, where we had a short break then we started walking and praying with songs and rosary
We slowly got to Betara, and other Christians from that village greeted us and joined us
We arrived and settled (wich means a flat mat as a bed and a bucket as shower) and in the afternoon a moment to reflect on Joy presented by father Cyriaque.
After that …many confessions!

This morning, Palm Sunday, woke up, had breakfast and big Mass outdoor with palms and flowers.
After lunch, we run back (almost literally!2h30 for 20 km...) and finally back to Bozoum.

It’s a very beautiful period, we hope and pray that will help everybody to understand the beauty of our being Christians, as the Pope said today
"Hence he whom the crowd acclaims as the blessed one is also he in whom
the whole of humanity will be blessed. Thus, in the light of Christ,
humanity sees itself profoundly united and, as it were, enfolded within
the cloak of divine blessing, a blessing that permeates, sustains,
redeems and sanctifies all things. Here we find the first great message
that today's feast brings us: the invitation to adopt a proper outlook
upon all humanity, on the peoples who make up the world, on its
different cultures and civilizations. The look that the believer
receives from Christ is a look of blessing: a wise and loving look,
capable of grasping the world's beauty and having compassion on its
fragility. Shining through this look is God's own look upon those he
loves and upon Creation, the work of his hands."