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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Père a ga awe

Père a ga awe

The Father is back!

Yesterday I arrived in Bozoum after almost 2 and half months of absence…. And entering in Bozoum I could hear the people cry Père a ga awe The Father is back!… And I really appreciated it!

On the 19th of july I went back to italy because I was unwell…the very next day I was already in Cuneo Hospital under the eyes of two very capable doctors. They eventually excluded surgery intervention however my exams showed an high anemia, several irregularity on blood levels and engrossed spleen. Basically the result of years of malaria caused me very low energy level and exhaustion….I spent some time in Negar Hospital, then back to Cuneo where I stayed most of the time, resting and taking it easy.

In the quiet moments I took some time to think… about the gift of health, also about how difficult it is to get medical care in Africa. Even relatively simple treatments (blood exams, ultrasound scan) are rather difficult to make, sometimes impossible, and in any case it would be too expensive and noone would be able to afford it.

The difference between western world is astonishing. Many resources are invested in Italy for healthcare system, although we often complain about it without realizing all that we have! And how often we demand everything, although for several countries in the world, these things are mere dreams…. 

I believe that the most important thing is to be thankful for a ll this, to help us live with more sense of awareness, responsibility and sobriety.
And thankful for all that somehow are trying to help, take care, comfort and heal the sick…it;s treu there is a lot of suffering, but it is even more true there is a lot of love.

And now…back to work! We have the festival of the parish, end of the month (saint Michele) and for this occasion we’ll beging again with  pastoral activities, beginning schools, agriculture, buildings…everything! Plenty of things to do!

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