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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Yesterday, Sunday 14th of October 2012, we celebrated the opening of the Year of the Faith
A year to think over the great gift of Faith, as the pope suggested to the whole Church
A Faith to be rediscovered, as true deep joy for life, as meeting with God, Christ and brotherhood
A faith to be rejoined as understanding (how ignorant we are on such a reality, so important in our ilife!) and study, also as Life and coherence.
The beauty and gleam of faith!

Yesterday morning the christian community of Bozoum left from four different spots in the village and with a banner of the year of the faith, arrived together to the mission, and just before getting into the church they were given a piece of paper with the creed and few references for this special year

At 8.30 we celebrated the mass, which was particularly happy and deeply grateful for the gift of faith

Chesterton wrote this “the convertee often has the impression of looking across a side longed window on the presbytery wall, which was once for the leprous. He looks through a small window or a small hole that seems to get smaller as he gazes…only after he enters it, he finds out that the church is way bigger inside than outside. He left behind the side longed windows for leprous, and, in a way, even the cramped gothic windows, and now he stays under the wide domes as renaissance and universal as the republic of the world"

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