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Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Bozoum Fair!

Big Bozoum Fair! We just concluded the Big Agriculture Fair, an unique event in the whole of Central Africa….200 co-ops, coming from more than 200km and lots and lots of people coming to have a look, to sell, to buy…most especially it was a very tangible message of hope for this country!
It has been weeks that Central African Republic is in the news, unfortunately due to the rebellion and disasters happening with the war between rebels and government
 Before getting onto the Fair organization, we had to think things through, we had doubts and some worries. However since Tuesday trucks we sent to ensure the products delivery started to get here.
Friday evening we had a major meeting with the co-ops, gave them instructions on…marketing!
And Saturday morning we opened the fair with a small ceremony: parade of co-ops, few speeches and the opening of 50 stalls. Such a pleasant sight for the eyes and for the heart!

Paolo VI said that “development is a new name for peace”
Developing this fair Is peace, is hope. It’s pride for those who work all year long and finally see their hard work rewarded here.
Also, financially speaking, the fair went pretty well. I thought we wouldn’t do as good as last year (60k sales!) but as far as the first overview we already crossed the 85k sales line.
Congrats  for a job well done to the farmers and to all who did believe in the work of men.
And a big thank you to those who support us, particularly to the Association “friends of Central Africa” in Mozzate, Como.
And to all the simple hearted people that gave their contribution, such as the friends from Baramo’ Cafè.
Thank you all! Singila!

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