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Thursday, May 9, 2013

From comedy to tragedy

Comedy part I
Last week rebels arrived 15km far from here to steal a car that our mechanic was repairing for a priest in Paoua (125km) – he had hid it but they eventually found it….so I have the archbishop certifying that the car is property of the diocese, I give it to the Chad’s Consul… (why? Because almost all rebels are Chadians, he’s the only authority figure they recognize..) So while we wait for the rebel’s chief to arrive we have a chat….the Consul says in CAR there are too many weapons: 
Me: “I agree.”
Him: “Too many locally made weapons”
Me: “yes”
Him: “it’s the authorities that are placing the orders”
Me: “well, yes, however there are many that are imported through borders…Moreover (also because during the night loads of cars were stolen in Bangui, now heading to Chad) too many things can come and go that  shouldn’t come nor go…
Him: “of course, but in CAR there are too many locally made weapons”
Me: “but…ermm…”
Him: “even Kalashnikov are locally made in CAR?”
Me: “well, no…but…ermm…”
Him: “I see plenty of rockets carried by the rebels’ cars…even those are locally made?”
Me: “well, no…but…ermm…”
In the meantime the chief arrived. He doesn’t speak French he cannot read. He’s young, elegant, carries a couple of mobile phones. Pretends to read the paper i give him… up-side-down….and the consul reads its contents. Then translates in Arabic.
The chief says he’ll return the car….IF we refund the expenses. ( i wonder which expenses…they stole the petrol too!)
I take this opportunity if it’s possible to re-open schools (ours are already open, yet not the others) He says of course, no problem. So I add they won’t go rob the schools nor looking for the teachers….he of course, ensure they shan’t do that. They won’t bother anyone….

Tragedy part I
And of course, the very same day, the rebels went to Manga, a village 30km far, where we hid the other car and stole it. Took off to Chad and I’m afraid  we’ll never see it ever again. (if anyone sees a Landcruiser Toyota DA0002NM it’s ours)

Comedy, part II
On Friday i went to Bouar to visit with the fathers and the nuns and to attend  a meeting with Justice and Peace commission. They told me that the previous day the Prefect and the local rebel chief met the missionaries and the laics to reassure them. They really didn’t do a good job because they still shoot and loot and steal (especially cars)….they even arrived on the car stolen to a local priest few days ago! The prefect too goes around in a stolen car……
Tragedy, part II
on my way back from Bouar i stopped in Bossemptele where Camillian monks and Carmelitans nuns from Turin manage a hospital. Yesterday a 13 years old died. He had a surgery in Yaloke, but rebels arrived at the hospital and all personnel fled. Without assistance nor medical care he got tetanus infection and after a terrible suffering he eventually died few days after.
Yesterday Sister Elvira from Berberati told me a kid just died. His family left after the shooting as they left with the other 5 siblings in the forest. Unfortunately on their way back he had a bad malaria case and he died. He just was adopted by another family because his natural parents had abandoned him….

Happy Ending Part O
In Bouar I met people members of the Justice and Peace committee of two parishes. All from CAR, I was really impressed by their courage and their analytical skills.
Courage: one of them during the meeting with the Prefect said we all are hostages. The prefect got angry. But indeed it is true! And the prefect is hostage too.
Analysis: some said: we need to be careful. They invite us to meetings, try to convince us all is fine so we can tell people that. And that is a deceit! 

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