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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

God help us….however let’s give Him an hand!

This was a relatively calm week. In Bangui, the Capital they finally began to disarm the rebels. Whom, as out of magic, have disappeared from the streets.
Disarming is quite seriously done…however who’s preventing them to hide? Our fear is that once this storm is over they will get back with the hidden weapons and start with shooting and violence again….
On Friday I went to Ndim, 165 km far from Bozoum, passing by Bocaranga, three rebels on a motorbike followed us, overtook us honking. They let us go.
…were they expecting someone else? At the end of Bocaranga there was a barrier. We stopped. They told me to wait, someone from Bocaranga had to come. “whom?” I asked . “don’t you know???!! Another rebel”, he said grumpily, i must wait for my turn when they give me the right.
“Which right” I said, “the right you talk about is given from the rifle you hold. Nothing else”
He got angry: “why did you stopped then”   “because you placed a branch across the way and I couldn’t pass” I replied.
In the end he gave up and let us go.
Sometimes i get the impression my 3-4 guardian angels (some are borrowed) are there with hair standing on end and as I get back home they sigh in relief!!!
Once I got in Ndim I visited with the kids from our middle and secondary schools. Several are from Ndim and Bossentele, and now they are on holiday. We met also with the parents to discuss and plan ahead the new school year.

This year we have a novelty! We’re building a FOYER, a small dormitory with kitchen and despite the war, construction works carry on!
There will also be a basin to collect rain for the green garden…
After the meeting we went to another one with the Mutual saving coops. Other than Bozoum there are 3 more branches Koui, Ngaundaye and  Ndim, that was plundered in March. Thanks to the generousity of some friends from Italy and Prague and other places we managed to reset the saving funds and we want to pay them back.
Trip back to Bozoum was ok, no rain but roads and bridges are getting worse…
These days I red a lovely piece by Joan D’Arc. The judges were trying to trick her, and this 17 year old girl had an outstanding simplicity and true force in her. They asked her why did she do battle if she believed in god. Couldn’t god win just with his will? And Joan said one needs to do battle so that god could give victory.
It’s a perfect phrase, with man’s work, there’s a condition for God’s will!
We hope and we pray so CAR can get back on its feet. Often we say  “Nzapa a yeke” (God exist)
However, we cannot sit with idle hands waiting for Him to do what we should do….in the meantime. Those who want to help can sign this petition here
and may God help us….however let’s give Him an hand!



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