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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weird noises, Awkward silences

Saturday. A bit too quiet for my taste. Ok, there’s still a hundred kids from the Catholic Action (called here Aita Kwe, all brothers),however something is missing: our school’s children! With crèche, primary school, secondary school, Women Centre it’s more than 1300 students coming over every day.
Between Saturday and Sunday the school year was over so we held the closing ceremonial, with choir and hold out of record cards. There was a special atmosphere this year, as we all are aware we’re the only ones who kept schools open and that we kept on going despite the war. Pride and pleasure were well visible on parents and kids faces!

Awkward silence…something else is missing. Nuns! this week they took off to Italy, for a bit of a rest. And as it happens….it’s when one’s missing that you notice their absence! And you appreciate their value even more. Especially theirs, a discreet one, but always very tangible…
Sister Sira, managing the healthcare cabinet, the kitchen and her nature a bit edgy, however capable of endless attention.
 Sister Graziana, taking care of the poor, the sick people in the neighborhood, always on foot to give medical attention….and her wandering in our green garden, looking for veggies to nick…
Sister Solange, working with children at the Orphan Center, always carrying her Mate around (she’s from Uruguay)
Sister Chiara, working with kids and young girls, often in the Orphan Centre’s kitchen or the animators. Since middle of March she went back to Italy with Sister Rosalie, the novice
Awkward silence, on Thursday afternoon, when I got the news that Giorgio Grandicelli passed away. He was a male nurse from Genova, he started coming over here in 2006
To help us out. I remember his endless patience with sores, that here tend to never heal. His helpfulness with everyone, especially children. Under his moustache often hid irony and good mood, and a bit of a chunter, as good Genovese man. As soon as I spread the news, many reacted as if a close relative had died. Last year they told him he had lung cancer, he had surgery and chemio. Two weeks after he was here in Bozoum….he was supposed to be back again, sadly cancer started again. Until the very last moment Giorgio dreamed of Africa. Ciao Giorgio, go in peace!
Weird noises. These past weeks it felt like things were kinda going back to normal…..unfortunately we’re far from it! I went to Bouar and Bangui these couple of days.
1200 km of tension, from barrier to barrier, there is no control over rebels, they do as they please, no authority over them at all.
Yesterday, Friday the 28th in Bangui, they started shootings, thefts and violence again, at least 6 people died.
When is this going to end?
Last Sunday CAR’s bishops published a very interesting letter concerning this country’s you can read it:
and here the one for the president
subject is DU JAMAIS VU! (never seen situation as this)

Between Weird noises and awkward silences may peace come back again


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