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Monday, August 26, 2013

Giving and receiving

Now there are already 2,400 displaced, and I fear the numbers will increase as the situation in the country continues to be precarious. This week in the capital Bangui there was shooting and looting and at least one dozen people were killed. But also in the rest of the country there is no peace. In Bohong (80km apart from Bouar), a parish which belongs to our diocese, the shooting and the pillaged forces the priests and religious sisters to leave the place. One of the priests, abbĂ© Michel, went 80 km on foot. In Beboura (about 150 km apart from Bozoum) also many people were killed. The first displaced are now arriving to Bozoum. Here in Bozoum this week we were able to start to provide relief supplies to the refugees. In spite of a bridge which was blocked by a military truck that had fallen over we have received significant supplies of food stuff and other goods. Thanks to UNICEF and HRC we have received a truckload of the most urgent goods: 600 blankets, 600 mosquito nets, 600 plastic awning, 600 canisters, 4520 pieces of soap, 300 hygiene kits and 300 kitchen kits. The food stuff was provided by the World Food Program: cornflour, salt, dried peas and oil. Two truckloads… But the main challenge is to distribute the foodstuff to the families in accordance with the number of their members. But with patience (both on the part of the refugees and on the part of the parish volunteers) the displaced have received a bit of help which allows them to look into the future with a little more hope.
Thanks to UNICEF, HCR and World Food Program. Thanks to ACF (Action contre la Faim), which is in charge of the logistics. Thanks to all who are by some means or other trying to do something, like Nejamin, Robert… Great thanks to all volunteers, who have been working with courage and love. And thanks also to the displaced, as a smile from the little ones, the women and men is Good News.  

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