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Saturday, August 10, 2013



After the last post (very long one eh!) I kept quiet for a couple of weeks. Especially because a lightning stroke really close to the Mission and burned our router and other stuff. So we were cut off from the Internet for almost ten days.
Meanwile , moving on. On Wednesday morning I set ogg at 4 am to Bangui with Hyppolite and his mum. Hyppolite is 16 and he’s crippled and we’re trying our best to help him out, get him to Italy for proper medical care.
Our trip went well, despite the twelvw (!!!) barriers that Rebels placed along the road. One every half hour….usual drama.
One of the last barrier they asked me where are you going….that road goes only to Bangui…..then they asked me 4000 fancs (6 euros) . I said I won’t pay. They eventually gave up and open the barrier.
In Bangui I was under the impression that there is a small improvement. Seleka rebels are less around, there are policemen around. Though the situation is everything but ok. During those days there have been attacks, burglaries, lootings and killings. Often they find bodies in the river……
On Thursday morning we managed to take his pitures and register his fingerprints and signature for passport. Theoretically it should be ready in 2 weeks. In the meatime Pina and Sara arrived. They are from Italy, from the parish of Cassina amata in Milan. Since many years they help Bozoum  and their visit especially at this time is such comfort!
In these days school exams are beginning. On Saturday they held the primary school one: all students passed. Even public schools managed to do it.
Situation anyways is fragile. Today they told me in Bossangoa almost a thousand people arrived, they all escaped during war because Seleka rebels looted and took prisoners and killed people in their villages. There were at least 5 murders, including a 5 months child, he died because there were no medical facilities to care for him.
Today I met with them and the village chiefs….we’ll se what can be done…..
These days I think about the Lumen Fidei encyclical letter
“that’s why those who believe are never alone and why faith spreads towards other and invites to Joy. Whom has faith discovers that the spaces of his “I” are widening and generate new relationships that enrich his life”

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