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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bread, love and.....beatings

On monday 23rd of September we finally reopened the schools: from crèche to secondary school, a sea of children, boys and girls they invaded Bozoum.
Teachers, parents, students, everyone at the starting line for this new adventure in order to learn how to write, to do maths and most importantly how to live. There are kids of all races and religions attending our schools. 
And especially now that in RCA there are tensions between Muslims and Protestants, we want our schools to be cohabiting and respecting one another.
On Wednesday after a rainy night, we set off to Bossa, Bodalo 1 and Kemo, on the way to Bossangoa, to distribute PAM to those hiding in the fields.

It's very nice to see more than 1300 joyous and grateful. And it's even more nice to see there's hope. We feel a little safer because the Seleka rebels that were in Ouham Bac left. And the won't be able to cross the river because the barge used to cross it is blocked...distribution goes well, only thing is the truck got stuck in the mud until 1 am at night!

In this period, at the ONU general assembly, talked about RCA. Let's hope we'll have tangible results, because our situation keeps getting worse. In addition to the clashes from last weeks in Bossangoa (which caused 30000 runaways), last week in Herba, 70 km from Bocaranga, the  Seleka rebels killed two people and burnt 206 house to the ground.

Further more on Thursday they called me from Europe concerning a YouTube video
Sadly I had to confirm this has been shot in Bozoum, from the rebels' headquarters, and contains some torture scenes.
Here is a follow up article

On Friday I received the rebels' chief visit and I explained him the issue, advising to arrest the culprit (who was filmed in the video) and I also asked for the prison to be shut down and to free the prisoners. I also spoke to him about the problems in Herba, asking for those rebels to be sent away. Let's hope something (good) will happen!

Tomorrow 29th of September is St.Michael's day, our parish Patron's day. May he protect and bless our village and may he give us strength to fight every day!

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