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Monday, November 25, 2013

Faith, Hope and School

Faith, Hope and School
We're in the end of November. RCA  begins to get some attention and finally some worries. 8 months since the coup d'√©tat the situation is tense. Violence, killings, tortures, looting, refugees are now countless. As we wait for ONU, African Union and France for military intervention, all over there's tension and fear. Seleka rebels in Bozoum keep on going with threats and violence. On Monday morning a guy came in. They kept him prisoner for two weeks and horribly tortured him: he now has 3rd degree burning on his face, chest and arms. On Wednesday morning we heard few shots. They told me afterwards that the rebels shot a kid in the middle of the neighborhood, just because he tried to protect his grandma from a who wanted to beat her up sa another small kid was hiding there. Thankfully he got hit by one bullet only which didn't make too much damage and he managed to escape...
Boozum's schools are open, more than 10.000 students attend, refugees too. Thanks to the Czech Republic, we still bring in pens and pads for the students. A French TV also got interested, France 24, they published an article and they just did a program about us (
In order to encourage parents to send their kids to schools ONU also sent food and supplies that parents can distribute during break time....these days we celebrate the end of the year of the faith, since Tuesday every afternoon, more than 300 people gathered to meditate on faith, on our credo. It's quite astonishing to face words that are centuries old, representing our faith, the most beautiful one, the catholic faith
Chesterton said that "faith is too good to be true. But so true!"

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