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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

happy new year

31 December 2013

Finally this long year is at the end...although nobody knows how the new one will be! Since the coup d'etat last March it has been a repeating course of violence, plunders, tortures and killings. And the RCA, already among the last countries of this world, keeps on sinking. This last month has been incredibly harsh. In Bangui they seak of mote than 1000 dead people only this month, rising tension, Muslims and Christian clashing...not for religious reasons, but for political and cultural ones. Here in Bozoum since the 6th of December we live a very bizarre situation, for it's beautiful and hard at the same time. The Antibalaks attacks (most of them are simple peasants, tired and aggravated by the Seleka's violences) of the 6th, 23rd and 25th December caused about 50 dead and a massive getaway to the Mission or at the Mosques (now we have 3200 people, but we also reached 6000)
Hard situation to handle as one has to manage food, water, safety for everyone.
But also beautiful: 14 babies have been delivered here. And everyday i spend lots of time here around these people, just to smile and give my support. Beautiful also for the mediation we tried, visisting with rebels all around, travelling on impossible roads, trying our hardest to bring rationality and humanity in this horrid folly that war is. At least a dozen meeting with the Antibalakas, ten with the Selekas and all of this joined an ongoing with the Muslims.
unfortunatley so far we have seen no results, perhaps we are only delaying a disaster. If the Antibalakas attack (and there's about 1000 of them) they won't tell Selekas or Muslims apart, since some took advantage or collaborated with the Selekas here in Bozoum,altough the majority is innocent. And this will be a real massacre. We did try our best. We went up and meet with people armed to the teeth....we asked for military presence (both African Misca and French Sangaris) but none of them seems to appreciate the catastrophe upon us. I fear they'll come only too late to count bodies, together with few journalists who will say the same old things. AFTER.
But there's still time! So happy new year folks! Time is always a place where are strength and presence of God. We hope to treasure what has passed and build a better 2014! May God bless all of us!

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