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Sunday, January 5, 2014

One month as refugees

Since the 6th of December we have been living with 3000 refugees here. Time goes by and all normal activities have been transformed. Schools, food, life itself. People are trying to adapt, despite the moments of fear and tension, when shootings get too close. But we keep on going, thanks to to the congeniality and praying of most of them, thank you all!

Tuesday 31st December
In the morning shootings everywhere in the village, until 1pm. Selekastried to attack Antibalakas in Bata, a village on the 7th km on the road to Bossangoa. Antibalakas managed to flee, Selekas didn't find them so they took it out on the civilians. They took away mattresses, motorbikes killed 4 or 5 people (one woman amongst them).
On their way back in Bozoum, Selekas shot in the air and the Antibalakas nearby tried to attack. The main issue is that the Antibalaks went up to the hospital, threatened the staff, hoping to find injured Selekas and kill them. Selekas arrived and fought in the hospital area itself.
Three things are to be noted:
-the Selekas attacks on civilians will only worsen the Antibalakas attitude and will make them even more dangerous and less inclined towards the other Muslims and Pelus
-the colonel of the Selkas has be wounded. He was one of the rare Selekas who could think a little....
-hospital personnel won't stay there after these facts and won't be able to perform their duties. How will we manage?

Wednesday, 1st of January 2014
Today went ok. People here at the mission are wishing happy new year. We aren't too convinced though.... 

Thursday, 2nd of  January 2014
Few shootings at 10 am. Selekas killed a young man, he was accused of being a spy.

Friday and Saturday, 3rd and 4th of January 2014
Rather quiet days.... On Saturday afternoon I went along with a nurse of the Red Cross, a shepherd and a teacher to meet the Antibalaks. We arrived at the village, there were many of them. They seemed quite nervous, as one of their leaders has been killed on the 31/12. They insulted us a little bit.....this time we sat down...and presented them with our reasons. We drew the attention on their shooting inside the hospital area, threatening the personnel and searched the rooms. Their chief agreed with us, but some of them were too upset and began to threaten us ....we left after one hour. We hope next time they'll spare the hospital grounds.

Sunday the 5th of January 2014
Badly awaken at 6.30 am this morning. Lasted a couple of hour. Then some calm. How long will this last?

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