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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sunny and Clody spells

Our situation remains fragile. In Bangui, our capital there are moments of quiet alternating moments of violences and shootings.
Here in Bozoum, after few weeks of calm, few antibalakas are taking over the city now, they reistated the bariers on the way in and out Bozoum. On Friday as I was getting out of my car I asked one of them how old he was (he's not 15) An older guy, a "chief" came towards me saying not to say anything to me!!! I began laughing and I asked him if he as afraid....
I was in Bouar Friday and Saturday, for a Meeting with CAritas, 250 km with no problems.
In Bouar at Yole, I met the great Enrico Massone who, despite the war and stuff, as every year came to help us out. He's currently working on the Yole Road and completing a bridge. It's great work, thanks also to the Siriri Association help, from Czeck Republic
On my way back i stopped in Baoro, were few Peuls remain at the parish, some of them have been wounded by the Antibalakas.
In Bossentele i found the village in turmoil. they have been attacked by Peuls, Muslims and Selekas, they have wunded people and burned houses....

Peace seems yet faraway....

Enrico Massone

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