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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ready, set, go!

Aeroporto di Bangui: il campo dei rifugiati... sul bordo della pista
Aéroport de Bangui: le camp des déplacés, out juste à coté de la piste

On Sumday morning I said goodbye to Bozoum's people and after the 8.30 Mass I set off to Bangui.
During the last 150 km we came across about a dozen bars, hold by the Antibalakas. I wasn't stopped at any of them.
Still, it's worrying that no MISCA nor French militaries are patrolling around, and this is the only road to Cameroon, therefore to supplies.
Once we got to the KM 12 (Bangui's entrance) we saw French corps and very little people on the street: here the previous day some Chadian militaries (here to evacuate the last Muslims) shot on them and killed between 30 and 40 civilians!
On Monday and Tuesday I had several meetings with ONGs and UN agencies: I hadn't been here since November. On Tuesday i stopped at my brothers of Carmel: since December they host about 10000 refugees, providing shelter and safety. With the ONG help their life conditions are not too bad: big tents, showers and lavatories. However, their presence here as the presence of 200.000 more refugees across the city parishes and airport are clearly a tangible sign that the situation here is still very tense.
On Tuesday afternoon i got on the plane. from my window seat I could see the refugees camp, there's at least 120.000 people living in  awful conditions.
I arrived in Genova on Wednesday, happy to see my brothers in Sant'Anna and Arenzano.
On Thursday I went to Savona, and surprised the family of Emanuela, Mara and Alessandra who are hosting Hyppolite, i said hello in Sango: he jumped on his seat and was very pleased of my presence there! We hung out and I'm happy to say he's doing much better, he's   recovering rather well from his surgery (and enjoying the family's and people's attention) He's from Bozoum, he came here in February to get medical attention, as he's paralized.

I finally arrived in Cuneo at 1.30 pm, and here another story begins.
Con Hyppolite a Savona
Avec Hyppolite, Alessandra, Marta et Emmanuela à Savona


Il campo dei rifugiati al Carmel a Bangui
Le camp des déplacés au Carmel à Bangui

le père Fréderic

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