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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

From Italy to CAR

From Italy to CAR
Here i am back home in Bozoum. Now let's start from the top 
on the 27th of May I was in Bocca di Magra and with Father Norberto we celebrated 25 year ordination anniversary amongst our brothers of the Province and some friends. On Sunday, the 1st of June I went to Fedio, to spend the day with my family. But I received a big surprise party, at 10 am cars started to arrive, and a minivan and a caravan: friends from all over Paderno Dugnano, Bergamo, Ferrara e Rovigo (!) came here for me.
We celebrated mass together, i got to give thanks once more to our Lord for the gift of priesthood and aftwerwards we shared lunchtime together. In the afternoon we went for a walk up to Madonna del Pino, then everyone went back to their homes.On Monday I said my goodbyes, to mom, my brother and sister and their families. It's not easy for them to watch me leave....but they too are generous.In the afternoon i got to Arenzano and we began our packing (put in, take out, eventually we manage to fit everything inside)
On Tuesday morning we celebrated mass at 5 am in the sanctuary of Baby Jesus in arenzano, then we went to the airport. Our flight to Paris was delayed but we still managed to get to Bangui at 4 pm. I was travelling with Father Davide Sollami, Father Giustino (our new Province Superior) and Eleonora Zucchi, a volunteer from Campo Posidonio (Modena) who will stay with us for three months.
We met Sister Graziana and Sister Rosalie in Paris. Once we got to Bangui (the Capital) we all went to Carmel convent. There are more than 6000 refugees here, since more than 6 months now. In these days there were even more after an attack on the Parish of Fatima, where a priest and 15 people got killed.
On wednesday we left before 6 am and we came across few Antibalakas barriers along the road, but nothing too serious (perhaps due to the fact that there was a convoy escorted by MISCA soldiers) 
Finally we got home in Bozoum about midday....we were welcomed by joyous shouting and many people: Père a ga awè  (Father is back)
And now, back to work!

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