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Monday, June 30, 2014

Soccer, kids and christenings

Soccer, kids and christenings

On Monday I set off for my journey home and on Tuesday I arrived in Bangui. While landing we hovered over the most disastrous areas of the capital with an awful view of hundreds of houses completely destroyed. As I'm a huge fan (NOT!) i got curious as there was a sign for the World Cup of Soccer just in the courtyard of the Carmel refugee camp. Amongst the 6000 fragile shelter of the tents somebody managed to place a satellite dish, a tv and an electrical generator...
On Wednesday, in Bangui still, I went downtown with 
Maurizio Dischino and Carlo Petruzziello, a journalist and cameraman ov TV2000, to meet with some people. At the school open by the Association CAR's friends there was Monica, an italian volunteer and some MAdagascar sisters who asked me to bless their Baby Jesus statue. There were about 200 kids there and I explained them the meaning of thta statue and we also prayed for all the kids and peace in CAR.
the Road from Bangui to Bozoum is always a true adventure. We came across 9 Antibalaka's bars, another 7 held by regular soldiers, a military convoy of 400 trucks coming down into the capital escorted by the military group...
once here in Bozoum we made a tour of the city's initiatives with 
Maurizio and Carlo of TV2000 (these days there are nice documentary on tv at 6.30 pm)
getting around the neighbourhoods i'm really impressed by the destruction we see. And today, Sunday the 29th of June there's a huge celebration for 115 christening, a dozen holy communion and a wedding, our church vibrates with prayers, songs, dances and colours!
In spite of it all!

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