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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weddings, events, arrivals and finals

Weddings, events, arrivals and finals
On Sunday the 20 th we celebrated three weddings. Here in CAR seldom a couple get married before being together, first they meet, then they have a family, house, children and afterwards, if things go well, they eventually get married. So on Sunday we had three couples at the altar. We also christened their kids. Rolande, one of the brides also decided to give birth the night before and Benedicta was born, just in time for the occasion!
Tuesday was a special day. After all the tensions of the last weeks (one guy killed by Cameroonian soldier and a military killed by the locals) we decided to have a full day of prayers and reflection, so we gathered in the Baptist Church in the morning for an ensemble pray. All of us together: Catholics, Protestants and few Muslims. Then we had a peace procession throughout the city. There were 400 people, not many by our numbers but as Jesus said in his parable it takes little yeast to raise three measures of flours....Tuesday was also special because Father Enrico Redaelli arrived. After spending few years with the kids at the Seminary of Yolè, Bouar, , he'll be staying here in Bozoum! Welcome Enrico and good luck for your future position!
On Friday morning at 5 am I wanted to go to Bouar but the heavy rain made me postpone till the following day. Therefore Saturday just before 6 am we brought our third year students to their finals. It's the first time that kids from our school get to this level, hopefully they will make it!
Between Saturday and Sunday we also ended all activities at the Refugees' school. Initially 750 kids were there, now only half is left because eventually many families managed to go back home to their villages. Therefore they ended school locally, thanks to the effort of a dozen teachers and the support provided by the Siriri association from Prague.

I nostri alunni di 3a liceo in viaggio verso l'esame di maturità
Nos élèves de Terminale en route vers l'examen du BAC

Padre Enrico (camicia a quadretti)
Père Enrico (avec la chemise à carreaux)

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