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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Off we go!

Off we go!
On Sunday the 27th of July, downtown was floded after the intense rains of the night. Little damages but few neighborhoods remained isolated for few hours.
We are in full rainy season and whilst the work in the fields intensifies some other realities are slowed down. Schools are closed, few examinations left to be done, such as the BC Brevet des Coll├Ęges, at the end of secondary school and  BAC, degrees.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I met with the Education functionaries. Thanks to The Lord and with so many people's help, especially Siriri association from Czech Republic, all the schools here in Bozoum have been able to work as usual during last year, which had very little normality. Together with the head departments we've been preparing for next year, reopening will be mid September.

Thanks to the help of a brotherhood in Cuneo this year we'll also be able to help out the kids of primary school, as we'll be able to grant their teacher a small fee.
It's only a small drop, but the rebirth of out country starts from training and education!
The situation here is extremely fragile. These days clashes have been reported about 300 km far from here in Batangafo, with at least 20 people killed. Roads are still very bad, there are many illegal barriers, and cars full of cows to be sold in the capital, leaving the countryside empty and destroying the cattle breeding of this country.

 Off we go. Slowly, but we go

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