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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Travels and National Holiday

Travels and National Holiday

These past ten days here in Bozoum life has been fairly serene, nevertheless there's a frail situation and much poverty.  I went to Bangui last week, had some meetings and picked up Alessandra and Marta, two volunteers who will be in Bozoum for few weeks with us. They are part of the group of friends which hosted Hypolite last February after his surgery in Bologna.
It was a big surprise for him as we didn't tell him they were coming here!
On Monday the 11th I went North, to visit Bocaranga and Ndim communities and to meet with the missionaries of Ngaundaye.
Roads are bad, but I managed to get there in four and a half hours, despite rain, mud and holes.
Thanks to Siriri, the Czech association, we received funding to support pregnant women, malnourished people and those who knock on our mission's door. On my way back i stopped in Tolle, there are about thirty Peuls left here and they are in need of assistance, so we'll see what can we do for them. As soon as I got home I went downtown where they're escalating for a new school dwell. They were drilling and in a few hours it was done, so children and neighbors will be able to access drinking water. Siriri is helping a lot. In the next few days more dwells will be made, thanks to a lady who supported for them.
Today the 13th of August is National Holiday. It's the CAR's Indipendence day. Despite everything we managed with other ongs to prepare a little event. Some running matches, a concert, a beauty contest (Miss Bozoum) and a soccer match. Just to give people a chance to breathe and enjoy themselves a little.

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