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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From September to October

From September to October
Sunday, September 28th, we celebrated St. Michael, the patron saint of our parish! On Saturday we have had a short procession, followed by the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the day after we had our Sunday Mass, presided over by Fr.Dieudonné, who came from Baoro.
On Wednesday morning a large congregation met at the church: over a thousand children, pupils of our schools, from nursery to high school. Awesome participation in the songs and dances, but we gave ourselves also time for silence and prayer. In the Mass we prayed for teachers, students, benefactors, and also for Muslim pupils who have left for Bozoum and never came back ...
During these days were with us Fr. Pavel and Ludmila Böhmová, member of Siriri Association. With them, we visited some of the constructions made ​​with their support: the city's schools, the Centre for orphans, well, etc..
Speaking of visits, Wednesday and Thursday we welcomed a large delegation of the United Nations, with the Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs (Claire Bourgeois), and people of UNICEF, OCHA, UNHCR, WFP and so on. All these Meetings and visits encourage us in the work of reconstruction. On Friday came the Minister of Social Affairs (Eugénie Yarafa), with whom we went to visit the various sites of NGOs, schools (open and functioning). We had also time for a meeting with the Committee of Wise Men, trying to find a concrete answer to the various problems and tensions present in the city because of the absence of any Authorithies. Before leaving we could spend time greeting the Center for Orphans “Arc en Ciel”, that welcome more than 220 orphans every day.
And now at work during this month of October already began, the Missionary Month. Good job!

primi giorni di scuola: non sa bene se piangere o sorridere...
les premiers jours d'école: on ne sait pas trop si sourire ou pleurer...

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