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Monday, November 10, 2014

Great response from the poors......... poor response from the greats.

Great response from the children......... poor response from the adults.
Few weeks ago I proposed a food and money collection on behalf of 200 Muslims who have chosen to stay in Bozoum. The majority of them are women and children because the men, the most in danger, had to run away to safety due to the threats of the anti-“balaka”.
Once a month, during Sunday Mass, we make a second collection for the poor. On Sunday, the 2nd of November, my parishioners surprised me once again: they started, in a long line up, to bring manioc, peanuts and other products plus money, all goods destined to the Muslims who are now suffering in Bozoum. A beautiful and substantial gesture if one considers that the average collection it’s no more than 15 or 20 euros while the collection of last Sunday was about 70 euros. An unbelievable gesture of good will, forgiveness and love by the simple people of Bozoum!!
Usually on Sunday afternoon I take some youths, boys and girls, who work for the ONG here in Bozoum, to visit the rice-fields. It’s always amazing to see firsthand the care and attention put in a job well done.
On Monday we’ll receive the visit of some UN representatives, they work for MINUSCA here in Central Africa, which is the intervention program of UN Peacekeepers (but also a support to the Government and to Justice). Lots of means, not yet results. Despite the few thousands soldiers, still there are massacres and attacks and the National Road #1, the only road that links up Bangui to the Cameroun is controlled by criminals who assault, stop and spoil the cars, even the ones of humanitarian convoys steeling everything they carry. Once more we have lots of means and money but minimal results.
On Saturday, November 08, we experienced a moment of JOY, a breath of HOPE, with the inauguration of the “Maison de la Paix”, a structure that the ONG ACTED did refit to be used by the “Comite’ des Sages”, a group of Bozoum people determined to re-establish a minimum of PEACE and JUSTICE.
Ahead with hope, always!!

Le offerte per le famiglie musulmane
les dons pour les familles musulmanes de Bozoum

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