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Thursday, November 20, 2014

News from Tanzania..............

News from Tanzania..............
On Sunday, November 16, I left Cameroun planning to reach Tanzania together with Father David. It’s a long trip. Often the planes take different strange routes. We reached Nairobi after 4 hours flight and from here, by a small plane we arrived to Dar es Salaam Capital city of Tanzania. To tell you the truth we landed to a wrong airport (Zanzibar) but realizing the mistake, we had the time to regain the flight and go on with our trip.
At about 1:00 AM we arrived at Dar es Salaam where we met Sister Rita of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel, the Indian Sisters working with us at Bouar Seminary. On Monday morning we went around visiting with them their community. They work in education and their schools are truly beautiful.
We also did meet a group of young women from Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya who are preparing to become Sisters and, for about an hour, I could have a friendly conversation with them, mostly about the situation in Central Africa. In the afternoon we went to the sea shore of the beautiful Indian Ocean with its fantastic views. We crossed the city whose traffic it`s truly impressive.
We did wake up at 3:30 AM on Tuesday to travel north to see Mikumi National Park, a really beautiful park with giraffes, buffalos, antelopes, zebras, elephants and we did watch two lionesses walking just in front of us. After the visit to the park we went to see the CMC Sisters` home at Morogoro with its beautiful school that has the most beautiful children! A very interesting trip which allowed us to know another Africa who is growing very fast, a trip that also granted us to know better these great Indian Sisters with whom we work since many years in Bouar.
Today, Wednesday, we are flying to Kenia

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