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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cuneo (Italy)

Cuneo (Italy)
Just after few days in the hospital, on Monday, December 1 (by the way on this day we celebrate the Central African Republic) I leave the Hospital and I go for a visit to my relatives reaching them in the afternoon. I had to attend first an initiative on Peace in the Hall of Honor of the Municipality of Cuneo, where I spoke briefly about Bozoum, place of war and peace...
On Wednesday I met with about forty Sisters of St. Joseph. As part of a training initiative on the global vision of the world, they invited me to speak of Central Africa. I talk for over an hour and a half, and it was nice to see these nuns so enthusiastic and attentive! On Friday evening a special happening by ARION (The historic pastry maker of Cuneo, where were created the famous "Cuneesi al Rhum", known even by Hemingway!). I then took part at a presentation of a book, “Handbook of Philosophy” just printed. I was the speaker simply because the Author, Giancarlo Cencio, wrote this book for the students of our High School in Bozoum. The evening has been organized by the Cultural Association “Salinzucca-The taste of Knowledge”.  
It was a wonderful evening. I had te opportunity to show a good number of pictures on Central Africa, Bozoum and on our working for peace. (You can see them here: 0)
A week of recovering, full of beautiful events, in a city, Cuneo, full of beautiful people!

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