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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Safe flight!       Tomorrow, Monday 5th, I finally leave for Central Africa!
After about one month spent in Italy (and around...) I’m ready to come back home, to Bozoum! There I’ll face very demanding months (when are they not demanding???): the Country difficult situation, the Agricultural Fair preparation, very important works to accomplish, the schools to follow and encourage, visits and  long travels and, above all, the people, people to work with and build something  beautiful and of value even in the midst of such a great destruction.
 I really wish to leave but I’m very happy of the time spent in Italy where I found a lot of welcoming and appreciation. I only hope not to disappoint anybody. How many old and new friends, many relatives, all of them encouraging me with words and attention, often with tangible help which, in difficult moment as it is at present, is even more precious and appreciated!
I’ll remember the meetings, the presentation of a new book (the Manual of Philosophy), the many celebrations at different parishes, with many communities of Nuns and Friars. Everything helped to make known a bit better this small part of the world (but still twice the size of Italy!!!) called Central Africa, and also to give hope to the heart. A big thank to my city, Cuneo, that in its very quiet way, stood by me and showed loving sharing of my missionary work.
I leave very happy because I know that many will be with me with their prayers, with their constant thoughts and with the exchange of information! THANKS to all!! Thank you too readers because in the different editions of this blog (Italian, French, English, Spanish, German and Czech) we had 105.000 hits! Also a big thanks to the translators: Fr. Juan Montenero for the Spanish, Ludmila and Martin for the Czech, Fr. Raffaele and Chiara for the English, Regina for the German.
Thanks to all!

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