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Monday, January 19, 2015

It's cold!

It's cold!
Leaving Europe coming back to Central Africa, friends of mine told me: "Lucky you returning to the nice warmth of your Africa”. The problem is that, here in Africa, it is cold! During this season nighttime temperatures drop a lot. Here in Bozoum we can reach 9 degrees Celsius, while at daytime we easily reach 30-35 degrees Celsius. Children and elderly suffer a lot the change of temperature.
Since my return today I celebrate my first Sunday Mass which becomes an opportunity to pray together and sharing all the greetings and the memory of many people and communities I met in my staying in Italy.
Monday morning I visit Elementary and High School "St Augustin’s" students, presenting them the “Traite the Philosophie” a textbook just printed in Italy, thanks to the help of the cultural association "SALINZUCCA-IL SAPORE DEL SAPERE".
These days we find ourselves looking back to the events of last year. It was on January 13, 2014 when the rebels of the Seleka left Bozoum! There are still pains in our hearts together with little sign of hope! This week in fact a good number of Muslim parents came to us in order to enroll their children, which mean to us that they are coming back to Central Africa after living for one year in Chad as refugees.
Few days ago in Nigeria Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group, has killed more than 2,000 people, although the events in Paris, from the point of view of the media, have obscured this tragedy. What’s happening there is worrying, that’s why the peaceful return of the Muslims in Central Africa is very good news.
Thursday and Friday I travel to Bouar.  I have had a meeting with the missionaries of Carmelite communities of Baoro, Saint Elie and Yolè seminar celebrating all together the Saint's day of Fr. Marcello. I met as well other men and women missionaries in order to make plans intended to help pregnant mothers and sick people, project supported by the Czech Republic. In Bouar I met also Fr. Benjamin, who is overseeing the preparation of the exhibition that will be held on February 7 and 8.
That Fair together with the one we are going to have in Bozoum (January 31 and February 1) in my mind are sign of seeds bearing fruits and hopes.


Il ritorno di Hyppolite a Bozoum

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