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Thursday, February 12, 2015

From one Fair to another one.

Fiera di Bozoum: la mamma di Hyppolite (Concorso orti)
Foire de Bozoum: la maman de Hyppolite (cooncours jardins potagers)

From one Fair to another one.
On February 1st, afternoon, the 12th Bozoum Fair was over. The conclusion was just a brief ceremony, introduced by a short play created and presented by the students of our “St. Augustine” high school. I was amazed at the capability of reflection and criticism with regard of certain aspects of society in Central Africa. In this play a group of villagers goes to discuss with the village headwoman about some bad habits of people, like selling off WFP food received by NGO’s, or selling off agricultural tools received as a gift for just few coins, or like when they receive the nets, and the people instead of hanging them on their beds they use them to fish or to work in the fields. So, the message is clear: if we receive something, let's not waste it, instead use it in the way it should be. It’s behaving in the right way that our village can grow! After the short play, it's time for the awards for the best exhibitors and the best gardens. The prizes: some agricultural tools, and medals for the top 10. I have to say: how much pride in the simplicity of those faces and those hands. When everything is over we take a look at the proceeds in money. We find out that between sales of agricultural products, together with the extra gain from restaurants and bars, the amount in money of all business  this year is about 20 million f CFA ( 30, 000 EUR ). It’s not bad for these times of war.
Monday I leave for Bangui taking Alessio, a bricklayer, on his way back to Italy. While there I welcome some special guests: Fr. Giustino, our Provincial Superior with his advisers Fr. Franco Rudasso, Fr. Marco Pesce and Fr. Davide Sollami, pretty much the Government of our religious Province. They came on this 5th Centenary of St. Teresa of Avila Birthday, our Foundress, in order to express the affection and closeness to all of us. The friendly visit is marked by moments of prayer, meetings, personal dialogue, sharing of projects, and analysis of our situations. On top of all commitments we had also moments of relax and laugh.  The Bible says, "How good and how pleasant it is for the brothers to share time together”.
Thursday morning we move at 5.00 am from Bangui. We left so early because we wanted to avoid the barriers of antibalaka. On Monday before, opposite today’s direction, I took the courage to put down one of these barriers, 26 km from Bangui, because they claimed I would have to pay for if I wanted to go ahead. After a brief stop in Bossemptele, at noon we reach Bozoum. Here too, we have to face meetings and meetings, but without forgetting a tasty pizza. Saturday we leave heading to Baoro, where we meet Fathers Renato, Lionello and Dieudonn√©.
Sunday morning we drive to Bouar and once introduced our Visitors at St. Elijah convent, I go downtown in order to visit the Fair which, as Caritas, we organize each year. I can see large crowd, farming Cooperatives, and even some Organisms and members of UN. All these in my feeling are seeds for present and future consistent hope.
Here I share a link to a few short videos of Bozoum Fair:


Celebrazione al Carmel (Bangui)

Con l'Arcivescovo di Bangui

le risaie di Bozoum
le riz à Bozoum

Fiera di Bouar
Foire de Bouar

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