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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Traveling, Ash Wednesday and jobs awaiting us.

Traveling, Ash Wednesday and jobs awaiting us.
Sunday, February 15th, we arrived in Bangui, the capital City, around 4 pm, with no surprises or troubles, spending there Monday and Tuesday, because of some meetings. The situation in the capital remains tense. On Tuesday we are facing problems (demonstrations, a car attacked and burned), but I can move around well enough. Tuesday night I have the joy to welcome, just arrived with Air France, 4 persons very dear to me: Fr. Carlo a Carmelite friar, who returns to teach with his well-known passion, Mario Mazzali, a worker's non-stop of Pegognaga, a friend from Cuneo Paul Silvestro, and Maurizio my nephew, who is back to give us a precious help. Wednesday morning we leave Bangui under a refreshing rain accompanying us for the first 220 km. After a quick stop at Bossemptelewe we arrive at Bozoum at 3.00pm.Today is Ash Wednesday; a day of prayer, reflection and fasting which marks the beginning of a special time: Lenten Season. A few hundred Christians began the day on Binon, a hill above Bozoum.
At 5.00pm I celebrate the Eucharist in which I recall to me and everyone the need to fight the indifference (towards God and our brothers) a subject marking deeply this Lenten season, in which we are in front of God’s Mercy manifested in the death and Passion of Jesus Christ.  On Thursday Mario, Maurice and Paul begin their work: they have to assemble and install the solar panels. It’s a long and heavy job, but they aren’t scared. Working hours are intense, but of course there are breaks, and what really matter there’s a very good mood. On Friday, while I go to visit an old lady, I step through the gardens (those of the Fair ...) and I am so pleased to see how beautiful they still are and fully fruitful.

Youssouf con il suo mulino per il mangime delle galline ovaiole

Sosta a Bossemptele
Pause à Bossemptele

Paolo in visita agli Orti di Bozoum
La visite aux Jardins potagers de Bozoum

Maurizio e Mario

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