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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The usual Marathon.

The usual Marathon.
It is a beautiful but very busy week the one reaching the end.  Monday and Tuesday, boys, girls, youth and adults were under pressure because of the examination on the Catechism. All of them are going to be baptized on the Easter Vigil. With great emotion we listen to the magnificent words of our faith from the mouth of the catechumens. The great truths of faith, expressed so well. Meanwhile is on newsstands only in Bozoum or here on the net:  the first issue of "THE SAINT MICHEL," the newspaper of Bozoum parish. Is the beginning of a new adventure in a Country where newspapers are very few and restricted to Bangui. So, where books, magazines and print media are a rarity, the magazine of the Parish here in Bozoum becomes an opportunity to read, reflect and to share ideas. The newspaper is the result of a good cooperation and solidarity among a good number of people: Mimmo who followed the purchase of the printer, those who have assembled the machinery, and those who have paid for, who offered the paper, up to Paul working as editor of the newspaper. Wednesday is the day of our pilgrimage. We begin the great journey of young people, from Bozoum until Bossemptele (almost 90 km!). We have over 200 subscribers, others will be added along the way. The purpose of the pilgrimage is to walk together, to pray together, and to sow in the hearts and in the villages we’ll pass through the Word of God's Peace.
The journey takes place in four stages:
• Wednesday: Bozoum - Bokongo (17 km). Departure at 2.30pm - arrival at 5.00pm
• Thursday: Bokongo - Bombalou (33 km). Departure at 5:30am - arrival at 11.00am
• Friday: Bombalou - Boyaram (17 km). Departure 8:30am - arrival 11.00am
• Saturday: Boyaram - Bossemptele (25 km). Departure 6.00am – arrival 10.00am
Just this week we remember the 5th Centenary of St. Teresa birthday (March 28, 1515), a woman who has walked a lot, full of joy and faith. Long distance and very hot sun (Thursday we reached 41 degrees Celsius), don’t discourage our pilgrims. Part of the way we walk praying, singing as long as we can breathe and when possible even a little further. With us there is also Gauthier, a boy with a handicap, who with his wheelchair succeeds in following us, sometimes, if he finds his way, he goes even ahead of us! I walk with them for the first two stages, and then I let them go with Fr.Enrico and Fr.Ciriaque, because of my other commitments, and to be honest also because of my sore feet. On Friday afternoon there is the Council of Teachers for the end of the second quarter of our middle school and high school St. Augustin.
Have a safe journey!


Arrivo a Bombalou

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