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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Good morning!

Good morning!
I start the Monday by meeting the new employees of Bozoum Saving Bank and Credit. They are 13 persons practicing for 4 days on how to manage the Bank and how to marketing. They are very enthusiastic; I talk to them about the Country and how their position could determine many people, whose intent is to make their savings safe and to get the ability to obtain a credit in order to make their life better. We just made these days the point of the situation. In Bozoum, the Saving Bank customers are 2,700, a very high number for a city of only 20 thousands inhabitants! On Monday, the Forum of Bangui will end. It’s already one week that 600 people, coming from all over the Country, gathered together to discuss in search of a way to reach the peace. Many words, some hope, many congratulations! But I have my doubts, when words and congratulations come from certain kind of Institutions and “High Representatives”! We’ll see! Unfortunately right away on the closing day there are manifestations, clashes, with shooting and explosions. On Tuesday morning I’m leaving for Bangui, hoping the road will be free. At 11:00am I reach Bangui without any problem. I have there few meetings and then I go to the airport to welcome Fr. Daniele Corti, a young Tuscan priest who is coming destined to the Baoro community. On the next day we leave toward Baoro where we arrive in the evening. Here welcome us Fr. Lionello and Fr. Dieudonne’. Before supper we gather together to “inaugurate” the new Community who restarts its journey after the sudden death, in March, of Fr. Renato.  Here in Central Africa we celebrate the Ascension on Thursday. So we have our Celebration on this very day. I leave at 6:00am from Baoro and, after a coffee break at the Sisters of Bossemptele; I arrive at Bozoum before 10:00am, thanks also to the new car, which finally received! Many thanks to all my friends and to our Administration Office!  On these days the Central African Bishops are in Rome. Every 5 years they have the “visita ad limina”: they meet in Vatican City the many Congregations, write reports and, most important, they bring the local Church to the universal Church and the universal Church to the local Church. Yesterday, Friday, they met the Pope who has encouraged the Church and the Central Africa in this particular moment. He invites us to deepen our faith and make the Gospel we received more and more alive!

la chiesa di Baoro
l'eglise de Baoro

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