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Saturday, May 9, 2015

No more lies!

No more lies!

The month of May is just begun. We approach the end of the scholastic year. Besides May is the primary Marian month, during which the celebration of the Rosary, this simple and humble prayer that closely fits the simple and humble people, helps us to have a special journey among the beauties of God's mysteries. In these past days we have eventually started the Forum of Bangui. We waited months for this very moment. Some 600 delegates from around the country are discussing and talking in order to bring the country out of the abyss in which it resides. The hope is really huge, but doubts and uncertainties are huge as well. It is necessary to have the honesty to go straight to the heart of real problems and to have the courage to make serious changes. With our Sisters on Monday we celebrate  Fr. Enrico Redaelli‘s birthday. Mario, also called “super-Mario the handyman” and his wife Luigina are helping us enriching the dinner with some specialties from Emilia, an Italian Region. We even invited at our meal a nice fish, a "capitain", caught in the river Ouham here in Bozoum. On Tuesday, together with the NGO CRS (Caritas US) I leave towards Bocaranga and Ndim. It is an opportunity to meet people and the missionaries who work further north. We discuss with them about our Health project. They will take over the costs for visits and childbirth for a few thousand women. They will also provide wheelchairs for the handicapped, will ensure food to malnourished and medicine care also for the poorest. All this is made possible by the Government of the Czech Republic. Many thanks for the great help. I share as well with them the draft CRS, to help people to give life to small groups for savings and credit. In these very days we see many international Organizations passing by: UN agencies, Peacekeepers. There’s lots of movement, as we hope for some results.

Un "CAPITAIN" (Later Niloticus, o Persico del Nilo) pescato a Bozoum: 120 cm e 45 kg di peso...
un "CAPITAINE" (Later Niloticus) pris dans l'Ouham à Bozoum: 120 cm et 45 kg de poids!

Mario e Luigina

Missione Caschi Blu: dalla Bolivia, dall'Egitto, dallo Zambia

Buon compleanno
Joyeux Anniversaire

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