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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Salt and oil

Salt and oil
In these last few weeks we are almost at the end of the catechism classes for children, youth and adults. Catechism for children is split in five years, with Baptism on the 4th year and Confirmation on the 5th year. But each year catechism is marked by a small sign. The 1st year is a medal, on the second year is salt (which in the pre baptismal rites indicates the "taste" of life in Christ), the third sign is the oil of catechumens. And this Sunday, after a small examination in order to verify their preparation, applicants receive one of these signs. Sunday, May 17 was the INGO (salt, in Sango). On Monday I went to Bouar, and on Tuesday we had a large meeting with all 12 parishes of the diocese in charge for the Commission "Justice and Peace". It's been almost three years that we had not been able to get together, and it was very interesting to exchange information, experiences and struggles that we need to afford regularly for Justice and Peace. The next day I stayed in Bouar for a workshop with Caritas and CRS (Caritas US) to start the project of Community Savings and Credit, which will help many people to improve savings and obtaining loans. On Thursday afternoon I am at the meeting with the head of the Seminar of Bouar (Carmelites, Capuchins and diocesan). More than 200 young people (from the end of elementary to high school) are welcomed, educated and trained. A great educational work! Some become religious and priests and some do not. But all of them have the opportunity to live a strong religious and human experience. Friday finally I’m back to Bozoum, where I find good news: the aerial for our radio! We will broadcast from the parish of Bozoum! In the coming week, the work for the installation will continue, and we hope to begin broadcasting by the end of June!
Tomorrow, Sunday, May 24, we say goodbye to Sister Graziana that after 28 years of Africa she leaves definitely this Country destined to Italy. Unfortunately In a few months the other Franciscan nuns will leave us too.  But in August we will receive the Sisters of Mercy, which will ensure the continuity, and the feminine touch that in life and in the parish adds that nice scent of tenderness and mercy.

Suor Solange (voce) e suor Chiara (chitarra)

Suor Graziana

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