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Monday, May 4, 2015

To work, or not to work...

Working, not working...
Last week I talked about my handfuls of km in my traveling. I forgot to say how many they were: 2,300 km! I spent last Sunday in our community of Yaounde. Here the brothers were celebrating their Superior, Fr. Marco Gazzoli. In the afternoon they dressed up him as a traditional king: a colored coat with an ebony cane in his hand. It has been a good opportunity to stay together having a chat with the youth of the community, where he arrived just few months ago. Monday morning we cross the borders of Central Africa and at 05.00 pm we finally reached Bouar, having covered almost 900 km. On Tuesday I keep there some reunions. I take the opportunity to meet American NGO, CRS, with which we discuss on a possible collaboration for a microcredit project. On Wednesday I leave Bouar, but I find myself in front of a long convoy of at least a hundred trucks blocking the road. I could move beyond them but at the end a barrier blocked me. The barrier has been placed by some young people of the city. Like all the other trucks, I am forced to pay, and when they let me go, I see with astonishment that on the other side of the barrier there’s a tank and a truck of the UN Peacekeepers of Minusca! On top of them the military, looking with kind of fun at the barrier, and doing just nothing! Unfortunately it is likely to be an emblematic picture of what is the UN presence in Central Africa: many media, many military (over 10,000), and lots of money, with very little results.

On Wednesday I’m back to Bozoum where I find the many children of our schools and my people. Today, May 1st, the teachers made plans for a short holiday. At morning Mass I did bless the work tools proudly presented by our people: seeds, hoes, bic, books, cutlery, needle and scissors...

Barriera a Bouar:  i giovani bloccano la strada, sotto gli occhi divertiti dei Caschi Blu
à Bouar, les jeunes bloquent la route et raquetent les camions, sous les yeux amusés des Casques Bleus

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