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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Little plants!

Little plants!
Sunday, June 21st, after the celebration of both Sunday Masses here in Bozoum, in the afternoon I put myself on the road to accompany our friends of SIRIRI to Bangui. We arrived there around 7.30pm, after just a bit more than six hours by car. On Tuesday I’m back to Bozoum, just in time to follow in part the beginning of an Enterprise for rice producers. Finally, after many discussions, the Global Fund for Food (WFP or WFP) decided that, instead of getting food to be distributed from countries like USA, Thailand, Pakistan etc., will buy part of the needed amount right here. And here's the training to help the producers to improve the quality and to offer a competitive product. Thanks to a small loan from SIRIRI, we have just started to build a poultry house-school. It will help boys and girls of Middle and High School, in learning how to manage and run a farm. These days the school year of kindergarten and elementary school are reaching the end. Friday afternoon a very large crowd was present to pick up the report cards: over 900 kids, surrounded by moms and dads etc. To the best students we gave a bic, a candy, and a citrus little plant to be planted together with their parents. I am always touched and surprised by the joy of the students, even more by the pride of some parents! Small plants that will grow!

See here, please:

Il pollaio in construzione
le poulailler en constructio

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