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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Many needs and many answers

Many needs and many answers
This week I traveled a lot ... a bit 'more than usual! Monday afternoon I went to Bangui, where, in addition to a few meetings, I welcomed the friends of SIRIRI of Prague: Hana Říhová, the President, with Fr. Pavel Pola, Ludmila Böhmová and Vojtech Bily (they lived here with us in Bozoum from October 2013 to June 2014). With them early Wednesday morning we drive to Bozoum where we arrived late morning. The Association Siriri (which in Sango, the national language of Central Africa, means: peace) works with us over the years in different areas: health, education, construction, wells etc. With them we are putting together a small project to help our teachers to improve the way how to educate children, trying to get them to the point to teach with a bit of fun to overcome the simply repeating by heart. Friday morning I move with them toward Bouar. Next is Bossemptele, where we visit the hospital. The Czech Republic is helping the Central Africa with a plan for mothers, to guarantee women access to the hospital for childbirth, before and after natal check-up, etc. Along the way I stopped visiting few schools to ensure that the food that we delivered is actually used by pupils. And I am happy to see that many schools are preparing lunch: rice and beans. At Baoro we stop to visit the Mechanics School, supported by Siriri. At Bouar, more visits! At “St. Michel”, the Center for AIDS patients we meet Brother Angelo Sala. He recently got a device for blood tests, funded by the Czech Republic. In the evening we reach Yolé where there’s our Seminary. Here a local firm has just finished drilling a new well, thanks to the generosity of Italian friends. The needs are many, but there is also lot of generosity, thank God!

Maternità, Ospedale di Bossemptele

Apparecchio per gli esami del sangue. Centro "St.Michel"  per malati di AIDS, Bouar
Appareil pour les examens du sang. Centre "St.Michel"  pour malades de SIDA, Bouar

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