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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sunday, May 24, 2015: Pentecost!

Sunday, May 24, 2015: Pentecost!

We celebrate today, Pentecost Sunday, the memory of the gift of the Holy Spirit on Mary and the Apostles.
In Bozoum too it was a great celebration, with large attendance.
On this day the Catechumens receive the Oil, a sign of God, a strength given for the journey toward the sacrament of Baptism. We also did celebrate a Wedding. It was a special wedding: a Christian man married a Muslim woman! In this time of tension and hate, it’s so beautiful to see people who have the courage to go beyond and make such a beautiful choice. Pentecost, with the gift of tongues, recalls to my mind also all the people who help me for the blog translation: Regina for German, Fr Raffaele for English, Fr Juan for Spanish and Martin, Terezie and Ludmilla for Czech. Thank you for your availability! At present, beside the first rains, it’s MANGO time. Mango is a very good fruit, a blessing with this kind of weather, because while the work in the fields begins, the food instead starts to run low. A mango is a generous tree and everybody take advantage of its fruits, adults and children alike. By now the radio antenna stands on top of the Sisters hill and from the top of its 50 meters it will broadcast (we hope) beautiful good news and it will help people in receiving information and formation. During this week, we are starting to distribute PAM food (a FAO branch involved in food and nourishment) to the area schools: more than 14 thousands children of about 60 elementary schools will receive rice, beans, oil and salt. This food will help them to better attend school. The #3 of the Bozoum newspaper is available at the news-stand but you could also read it here for free:
To conclude, I say a big thanks to all that, in one way or another, wished me the best and prayed for me. My birthday was on Wednesday as, on the same very day, it was the anniversary of my Ordination! As we say here: MERCI NA NZAPA (thanks God!).

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