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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Few things ... but really meaningful!

Gauthier, fiero del suo certificato elettorale
Gauthier, avec son certificat electoral

Few things ... but really meaningful!
These days across the country is going on a kind of census: the electoral enrollment to be allowed to vote in October. The all operation alternate deeply different steps: from hope to payments problems affecting personnel, from a very easy organization to the lack of roads in order to reach the registration centers, from hope to the decision to give up.
There is a certain laziness to go to be enrolled, probably due to the fact that the hope to see changes is very little. The lack of hope has root in the politics. Unfortunately the same people present themselves to be elected, and this goes on from decades. The same who can continue to dominate and enrich themselves, without coherence or a positive project focused to the common good. And not only in Central Africa!
These days are visiting us Fr. Davide Sollami along with three journalists (two of TV2000 and one for Teleradiopace, Chiavari). They are here to realize some TV and Radio reports in sight of the Pope's visit to Central Africa, on 29 and 30 November.
With them we take a tour visiting some of the activities of the Mission. A look to the rice fields, a visit to the polling stations, a meeting with Muslim women who have remained with us in Bozoum, and whom we stay close with some material aid.
Monday finally comes the important day of the departure of Hyppolite. I asked to a Dutch “humanitarian” NGO to book a seat on the “humanitarian” plane connecting Bozoum with the capital, but they simply refused.
Anyhow on Monday Hyppolite left with her mom and Fr. Enrico, direction Bangui. The roads are very bad, especially the first 87 km, but after more than 9 hours driving, in the evening they arrived in Bangui, and Tuesday afternoon Hyppolite could take his flight with “Air France” arriving in Genoa on Wednesday, welcomed by friends and a very special family from Savona (mom Emmanuela, dad Fiorenzo, Daniel, Alex and Marta). Hyppolite will be their guest. On afternoon of the same day he have already received the medical attention by a friend, Dr. Anselmo. For Hyppolite is the beginning of his adventure in Italy.

Hyppolite con sua mamma, in partenza da Bozoum
Hyppolite avec sa maman, au départ de Bozoum

le risaie
la rizière

il pollaio quasi finito
les travaux du poulailler sont presque terminés

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