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Monday, September 7, 2015

Bozoum: orchids are blooming!

Bozoum: orchids are blooming!
At present season in the woods surrounding Bozoum Mission begin to bloom hundreds of white orchids! Each year the miracle repeats itself, but we must be very careful walking into the woods because they are almost hidden by the grass and you may not see them! In giving my information I’m a bit late simply because last Saturday I was still travelling. I left Bozoum Thursday morning travelling toward Bouar, far away 250 Km. Because of the rain the road continues to deteriorate. In addition while getting close to Baoro we crossed the convoy of trucks (at least 200) that contribute to make the road a sea of mud. Friday is dedicated to some meetings, most of all with Caritas and the Justice and Peace Commission. As Caritas, we are preparing a very interesting project, funded by UNICEF, which will involve at least a hundred schools and approximately 30,000 elementary school children, for approximately three years, with books and school supplies distribution in addition with training and monitoring of teachers. Saturday is a celebration day for Carmel in Central Africa: 5 young guys take their first commitment! They went through a year of novitiate; a very busy time lived in a community of friars discovering the greatness of prayer and the Carmelite charism. For them now it is time to commit themselves with the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. Of these young guys four of them are Central Africans (Alfred, Wilfried, Sainteté and Aimé) and one is a Cameroonian (Denis). The morning Mass is quite lively with singing and dancing. The prayer atmosphere is deep. Early afternoon I begin my travel back to Bozoum, but at Baoro I have to face a surprise. Last month of May came here the young Fr. Daniele, who recently decided for personal reasons to return to Italy.  But some young people and antibalaka did rally a demonstration, blocking the road and threatening the Parish. I arrive around 03.30pm. Everything to me seems calm, but soon after I hear whistles which muster, and about fifty young men gather against the gate to prevent the passage of my car. I meet them, and despite the noise and threats finally I can go through. Of course we did not see any authority, neither the police nor the UN troops. It is impressive to see how few people can block a small town, with no reason.
And here is the breaking news from Savona on Hyppolite:
Hello boss! I am writing to update: not too many news. Last Friday he had the VAC for the therapy and should keep it until next Friday. Thursday 10 we’ll go to Santa Corona Hospital because Hyppolite is going to undergo scintigraphy in order to have a good look to the condition of the bones. I hope that we can have him back for the next weekend. Basically he’s fine, perhaps a little bored. But he has enough patience”.

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