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Monday, October 26, 2015

Back home, in Bozoum!

Back home, in Bozoum!
Thursday October 15 I left Lisbon, and after a stopover in Paris, around 3.00 pm I land in Turin. Here Valter, a friend, welcome me and takes me up to our parish of St. Teresa of Avila. Today we celebrate the liturgical Feast of this great Saint. It’s also the 5th centenary of her birth. We are going to have a great celebration. The Eucharist is chaired by Cardinal Amato, who came from Rome just for this great commemorative moment. At this Solemn Mass is present Fr. Giustino our Provincial Superior, the Carmelites “Sisters of St. Teresa” of Turin and a very large crowd of worshipers. A great number of priests did celebrate with the Cardinal. After greeting the sisters, fathers and friends, at 8.30 pm I left with Paul, another good friend of mine. Together we drive toward Cuneo, where we arrived around 10.00 pm. Lots of friendly hugs with his sister, grandchildren etc., and then with his mother. Finally I can go to sleep!
I’m going to stay few days in Cuneo mostly with my family. On Tuesday morning, I woke up at 3.00 am to reach the airport of Turin. At 6.00 am I take my flight to Paris. From Paris to Bangui where I arrive in the evening. Here I visit our community of Carmel, surrounded as usual by almost 3,000 refugees (increased in recent weeks because of the clashes ...). Wednesday I ask about the situation of the road that goes from Bangui to Bozoum (and towards the border with Cameroon). Despite being the only way through which the capital can get food and goods, it is virtually blocked since September 26: there are barriers built by bandits, who take advantage of the situation to loot and steal. Luckily I can find a ride with the plane of the United Nations for humanitarian aids (UNHASS). On Thursday morning we leave, and around 10.00 am we are in Bouar. Here I take the opportunity to meet our communities of Saint Elia and Yolé, and in the evening I reach Baoro. I can meet Fr. Lionello, Br. Martial and the just arrived Fr. Carlo Cencio (missionary in Central Africa since 1971!!!). Friday morning I’m again on the road toward Bozoum where I arrive at noon. I greet the community and the new nuns who arrived during my absence. 
I’m finally home!

con la nipote grande....


Cuneo, alle 3.25 di notte...

Foto per carta d'identità
Photo identité


P.Carlo a Baoro
p.Charles à Baoro

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