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Friday, October 16, 2015

So, am I travelling or not?

So, am I travelling or not?

I’m on the road again. On Monday I go to Bouar, about 250 Km from Bozoum. The roads, at the end of the raining season, are always at their worst. At Bossemptele, at 87 Km from Bozoum, I see few hundred trucks which are stopped since almost two weeks because the fights at Bangui. In the next few days they will try to go to Bangui, but there are many antibalaka barriers and a clear intention to assault the vehicles to sack them. I’m going to Bouar because the annual gathering of all the Parishes. 
Together, with the Bishop, we discuss and present the situation of each of the 12 parishes of a diocese
which is 300 KM large and 250 Km long. It’s a beautiful moment of exchange, fraternity and work but also fun. It’s very intense moment about Faith and the love for the country and the people entrusted to us. We ended up on Wednesday with a beautiful celebration to entrust our Lady of the Rosary with all our struggles, our dreams and hopes so the country could get up and restart again. On Thursday I should travel and come down to Bangui. The road is still blocked: on Tuesday, the Unite Nation soldiers tried to remove the antibalaka obstacles, but, when the convoy was passing by, they have been attacked with the result of some wounded and dead men. I’m afraid that the road to Bangui is going to stay closed for long time! Almost as a miracle, on Thursday morning I get seats on the Bouar-Bangui flight for me and Ludmila, the lady from Prague who, on behalf the SIRIRI Association, worked on training the teachers. Back home 16 little children are waiting for her and she cannot be late! We fly with a UNHASS plane (a Unite Nation Agency) on which there are many ONG employees who have been blocked for a couple of weeks in the several bases scattered in the Country. After landing in Berberati, we arrive at Bangui about 1:00pm. The tension is high and there is long line up at the gasoline pumps: due to the blocked road, it’s very difficult for the capital city to find what’s necessary for everyday life. On Friday morning I catch the plane to Douala, in Cameroon, to leave again, on Saturday, to Paris and Lisbon, where friends of The Help for the Suffering Church are waiting for me to hear firsthand one Central Africa witness.

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