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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A crazy world.

Aerorporto di Bangui, con i 40.000 rifugiati...
L'Aéroport de Bangui, avec 40.000 déplacés

A crazy world.
I’m travelling in Cameroon to visit our Carmelite Communities in Yaounde, the country capital. It`s here I received the terrible news of Paris attempts: lot of sadness and the sensation to discover ourselves so fragile, exposed to any danger and above all, to the madness of who isn`t afraid to use God to kill and destroy. But also a world, the European and western, who seem more and more on its way to auto destruction and to waste away the very roots of its life and history.
I did leave Bozoum on Monday on a small Unite Nations plane for Bangui which I reach at about 3pm, a little disturbed by the many vibrations and air pockets encountered on this flight. On Tuesday I leave Bangui for Douala (the economic capital) and the next day I reach Yaounde, where I`m embraced by our Nkolbisson community, in here there are fathers of different nationalities (2 from my religious Province) and young men in training. I`m here particularly to meet the 2 young central Africans, Br. Christo and Br. Michael, who are here to study theology.
The city of Yaounde is quite large, with a very chaotic traffic and with a multitude of people who buys sells and trade. It`s impressive to witness people ability to devise themselves a job! On Saturday, in our Nkoabang parish, I take part to the solemn Profession of 2 young men from Cameroon, Br. Jean Baptiste and Br. Martial: it`s their final vow to the young Cameroons Carmelite family. We are many, in a church crowded with people, but and especially full of colours, dances and prayers. After the ceremony (which began at 10:30 and ended at 2.00pm) I eat a bite with the guests of honour and soon after I leave for Douala. I thought to do it by plane, but the company cancelled the flight, so I travelled with a bus low-cost........with less than 5 euros I have the right to a seat and also to some shows!!! The bus stops frequently to let people off and on. At those places, where there is a line up, many peddlers come on board with bottles, peanuts, fried bananas etc... At the end, a real true charlatan comes on board, he advertises water, sweets and he easily succeeds on selling because of his well-liked manners! At 10 pm, after covering 250 km in 5 hours, I finally reach Douala and find a room.
Now I`m ready to return to Central Africa, where preparations are well advanced for the Papal visitation on November 29-30 but also where the tension is still very high!

Fr.Jean Baptiste con il Provinciale di Milano, p.Attilio

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