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Monday, December 14, 2015

After, dopo, après, post….

After, dopo, après, post….
After the Pope’s visit I thought to keep myself silent for a while. One reason was to give a bit of rest to the translators for the different languages of my blog (Martin, Terezie and Ludmila into Czech, Regina into German, Fr. Raffaele into English, and Fr. Juan into Spanish), and partly to allow to the great event lived in Central African Republic to settle a bit.  For these reasons we've prepared a special issue of the "Journal de Bozoum" with a chronicle of the visit with the speeches that the Pope gave in Bangui. This special edition went sold out pretty soon, and I needed to reprint it, translated into Italian too. Tuesday December 1, our friends of SIRIRI Association of Prague arrived in Bangui: the auxiliary bishop of Prague, Vaclav Maly, together with Karol (architect) and Ludmila. On Wednesday we work with Karol in view of a new monastery we intend to build in Bangui. On Thursday we leave at 5.30am toward Bozoum, where we arrived around noon. Here the work to extend our church continues, thanks to Alexis, Paul and our masons. Our friends of Prague go visiting the Mission, particularly some of the initiatives supported by their Association in the fields of education and health. On Sunday, December 6, Mass celebration at 8.30. The auxiliary bishop of Prague concelebrates (given the difficulty of the language) and before greeting with few words the congregation expressing his gratitude for participating in the beautiful celebration of the Eucharist, he donated us the statues of the Infant Jesus of Prague, statues that every Sunday are entrusted to different families. On Monday we travel making a stop in Baoro to greet our Mission, where the Association SIRIRI supports the Mechanics School. Soon after lunch we leave towards Bangui, where we arrive in the evening. I returned the next morning in Bozoum. On Wednesday I gather with the Parish Council to discuss the Jubilee Year of Mercy opened in Bangui on November 29, and in Rome on December 8. Friday I have on my schedule the first preparatory meeting for the Agricultural Fair 2016, which we hope to organize for January 23 and 24. The Agricultural Fair is a unique opportunity for farmers in the region to display and sell their agricultural products. It is a unique opportunity for the city of Bozoum to live a moment of peace and development.
And, even with a little delay ... some video of the Pope's visit.
The first is the opening of the Holy Door:
The second, the Pope's arrival in the stadium in Bangui:
Here’s a reportage in French on refugees in our convent of Carmel in Bangui:

Paolo al volante, il geometra Stefano alla pala, e il capo cantiere Alessio alla sigaretta

Marina (Cuneo) in visita nella nostra scuola

Riunione con le famiglie musulmane rimaste a Bozoum
réunion avec les familles musulmanes restées à Bozoum

Il vescovo ausiliare di Praga consegna le statue di Gesù Bambino
L'eveque auxiliaire de Prague remet les statues de l'Enfant Jésus

Visita alle risaie di Bozoum
visite au Centre Rizicole de Bozoum

Ecole Mécanique de Baoro

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