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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Agricultural Fair.2

Agricultural Fair.2
Sunday was the second day of the Agricultural Exhibition in Bozoum.
The 145 cooperatives participating to the Fair continued in their products exhibition, selling them with good results: the total sale this year rose to approximately 45,000 Euros, compared to 30,000 of last year!!! On Sunday morning, after the celebration of two Masses, I went with some visitors to have a look to the rice fields in Bozoum. In the afternoon I’m back to the Fair site. The stands are empty: all the merchandise have been sold out. At 4.00pm we have a last moment of celebration with the announcement and recognition for the Exhibition Competition (the best exhibitors) and the gardens Competition winners. A lot of people followed this celebrating moment, congratulating the winners, many of which went to receive their award happily dancing.
On Monday we make order, and I am very proud of my staff: at 10.00am everything was pretty much removed and in order! On Monday we begin also a stage for about fifty people, to help them grow in social cohesion helping them to face with courage the challenges of peace.
On Wednesday and Thursday I’m in Baoro, 175 km from Bozoum, for a meeting with my Carmelites Friars debating on the economy. We analyze the accounts of each house and all their realities. We try to help as much as possible our people, yes, but also with careful management of what the providence entrusts us, through the help of many good people.

les medaglie
les medailles

La mamma di Hyppolite, che ha vinto il PRIMO premio per gli orti!
la maman de Hyppolite, qui a gagné le premier prix pour les jardins potagers

Aratro dono del Baramo (Cuneo)

Formazione sulla coesione sociale
Formation sur la Cohésion sociale

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