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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bozoum Fair 2016

Bozoum Fair 2016
Are nearly two months that we are working, meeting cooperatives and preparing the organization, and here we are: this morning we opened the Fair of Bozoum!
It is a unique event in the panorama of Central Africa Republic! There are 145 cooperatives, coming from almost all over the region. Some of them covered 220 km to reach the location. The Fair is held by Caritas, with financial support of Cordaid, a Caritas of Holland. The theme is always the same: “The farmer pride” (paysan orgueil). It’s always a surprise and a great joy to see the pride on the faces of so many men and women displaying and selling the products of their work! We take care of everything: transportation by truck and the stands.
Each one of us is at work: who assembles, who keep the ground clean, who take care of refreshing the gardens or caring of the sound amplifier. Even the students of our high school Saint Augustin do their best in welcoming and supporting all participants.
On Saturday morning the kick off of the event: a small parade, a few speeches, visiting the stands, which are gorgeous! The cooperatives are busy on organizing the show of the products. Very beautiful colors and even some banana and coffee plants! In the afternoon we head to visit the gardens. This Fair is an initiative that we launched to develop farming in the city, helping people to create an opportunity to enrich the table with fresh vegetables and to earn some money.
The farmers pride: faces, colors, flavors, scents and sounds wanting to reward all of them after the silent and the exhausting work of thousands of farmers. It’s also an opportunity to show the positive face of agriculture helping people to believe in themselves as well as in working the fields.

Il bacino con i pesci
un petit bassin avec les possons

Sr.Christine e lo stand dei bambini dell'Arc en Ciel

La Giuria al lavoro
le Jury au travail

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