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Saturday, March 12, 2016

A few raindrops


A few raindrops
Sunday morning, February 6, there is a little excitement before 8,30 am Mass. The liturgy in Central Africa is very intense, joyful and participated (heart, mind, body, eyes, ears ...). Sunday Mass engages, in addition to the priest, all people. Around the altar have something to carry on the catechists, the readers, the altar boys, the choir and the dancers, a group of girls who dance and accompany the songs and liturgy.
Today’s excitement is due to the just arrived new liturgical vestments for the dancers! In 2014 the Bozoum Christians did collect a bit of money to express their gratitude to the parish priest, because of his help during the period of war helping the refugees. Unfortunately, for a number of circumstances, the gift expected had not been made possible. Few weeks ago they gave me the money (more than 110 euro!). Then I thought to make gowns for "danseuses": so I did buy beautiful yellow fabric and another green, satin type, and soon is party!
The Mass is celebrated by Fr.Giustino, our Provincial Superior, and Fr.Davide, Administrator for the Missions. At the end Fr.Giustino greets the liturgical assembly, and expresses his own surprise for the great works of construction of the Church, saying that we are building a Cathedral! The roar of the faithful expressed their entire satisfaction! This work is the result of some aid (like the “Propaganda Fide” and especially “Aid to the Church in Need”. But I have to say that what we see today is also the fruit of the work of Bozoum Christians, who have collected stones and sand for the construction.
At about 1.00 pm we leave immediately towards Bangui, and at 8.15 pm we are finally in our Carmel convent. The next morning, before beginning the meeting, we visit the refugee camp (almost 5,000 people who have been here since December 2013!) And, accompanied by a bunch of kids, we visit the stables and the various parts of the land, covered with palms, fruit trees and plants of the forest. In the morning we gather to discuss about the community (made up of 18 people, the majority of whom are our young guys in formation).
We discuss also on future projects: the construction of a monastery, a Shrine and a Center of Spirituality, the opening of an Agricultural school and, hopefully, the arrival of the Carmelite nuns. After numerous (too many!) meetings, with a little crisis of malaria and some cooking, I am on the road finally driving back to Bozoum, where I arrived greeted by a beautiful rain. It is the first of this year, after the dry season. 2 drops are enough to revive the dry and arid land.
I see this rain like the grace of God on our lives!

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