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Saturday, March 5, 2016


I continue my journey. After the meeting in Kinshasa, Congo, on Thursday night I take my flight toward Yaounde, Cameroon, where I arrive the next day after few landings, one in Brazzaville, one in Nairobi, and a third one in Douala.
In the evening, from Italy, arrive Fr.Giustino our Provincial Superior and Fr.Davide Sollami our Assistant Procurator. They are here to visit our missions in Central Africa Republic, and meet Fr.Domenico and Fr. Marco, both from my own Province of Genoa, working here in Yaounde. The next day, Saturday February 27, we spend all morning in the capital city, then, approximately at 3.00pm we leave for Central Africa Republic. It’s a long journey (more than 750 km to get to Bouar). We spend the night in Bertoua.
Sunday morning around 6.00am we are again on the road and at 9.00am we reach the border. We take the opportunity to visit Yusuf, a Muslim friend who used to live in Bangui, but which has taken refuge here in Cameroon, where he started a large breeding of 60,000 laying hens! About noon we approach the border crossing. It’s always an adventure: often the official who has to sign the documents is absent, or the key and stamp are missing. Somehow lucky enough this time we go through in an hour time.
We restart toward Bouar where we arrive around 3.00pm. We stop at the Seminary of Yolé and here we celebrate at 17.30, along with 24 priests Carmelites, Capuchins and diocesan included. Such a celebration is intended to say goodbye to Sister Payton, an Indian nun, leaving definitely to India after 25 years of work as a nurse in Bouar.  
I travel with the Provincial in his visiting our missions. We meet the fathers of each mission, coming to know the journey of each community, confronting and trying to help everyone to overcome various difficulties. Between one meeting and another one, there is also time to give a hand in the kitchen, or to fix a satellite dish for the internet, or to install a bell.
On Tuesday morning we go to visit the other community of Bouar, the novitiate of St. Elias, from where we leave on Wednesday afternoon toward Baoro.  Here we meet Fr.Lionello, Fr.Dieudonné, Brother Nicholas and Brother Martial, staying here for the evening and Thursday, in friendly company with them.
On Friday morning we leave for Bozoum, and after a stop in Bossemptele, we finally arrive at home around noon, after a couple of weeks and after driving 2,000 km.

P.Giustino, Youssouf, Sidibem p.Davide, p.Lionello e Saydou

Messa alla Yolé (Bouar)

Sr Payton

Celebrazione a Sant'Elia, con Padri e Novizi
Célébration à Saint Elie, avec Pères et Novices

i lavori per la Chiesa di Bozoum avanzano imponenti!
les travaux pour l'église de Bozoum avancent...
L'accoglienza delle suore congolesi a P.Giustino

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